A challenge across the sector is the term CPD, and how this is interpreted.  Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a long-established part of any profession, giving a structure to the continual development of your skills and knowledge. There seems to be a poor understanding that you need to BE a professional before you undertake CPD courses. The worry is when those organisations offering short CPD courses allow non-professionals on to the courses, especially those entering the sector without any qualifications at all. These very short courses are not designed for those entering the sector, they usually don’t include all the foundation knowledge and understanding needed to fully acquire the skills to become a professional, and to provide safe treatments, with high standards. Many employers are getting very confused when candidates attend interviews with a plethora of ‘accredited’ or very short courses, they don’t know what they mean and what they are qualified in if anything. Some employers are now stating they only want applicants who have achieved a regulated qualification, which is good to hear.

CPD is a very important activity for a professional, enabling them to stay up-to-date and acquire new skills and knowledge. At Habia we endorse CPD courses. We emphasise that these courses are designed for ‘professionals’ -those that are already qualified and in the sector.  We state these courses are not intended for anyone entering the sector, we recommend that they first study an Ofqual regulated qualification. Then they can progress to CPD courses to learn new skills and techniques and keep up to date with new developments in the sector.

At Habia we have a robust assessment process for endorsement.  We ensure courses are of high quality and are aligned with the most recent National Occupational Standards (NOS). Look for the Habia-endorsed logo to ensure you can trust the training courses on offer. We promote these courses on our website, in our newsletters, in Education Forums, and on social media.  We’re proud to work with fantastic partners, all offering high-quality training to support the development of professionals across the sector.

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