Education Forum 14th June

How can you increase the sustainability of your salon and your curriculum?

Our next Education Forum is all about sustainability. We will hear from guest speakers Fry Taylor and Professor Denise Baden to learn more.

Fry Taylor is the co-founder of The Green Salon Collective (GSC). They are the only salon waste company founded by environmental experts, waste management gurus, hairdressers and sustainability experts. They are partnered with and supported by companies such as AVEDA, Wella, L’Oréal, Paul Mitchell, and many more.  GSC believe knowledge is an incredibly important tool for addressing environmental issues.

Education is a huge part of what they do. They help to empower their members, as well as the wider industry, with up-to-date and verifiable information related to all things sustainability, so that we all can make better informed decisions as we continue to run and work in our colleges, academies and businesses.

Fry has developed The Green Bible – a comprehensive guide to running a sustainable and ethical salon. It provides practical advice on how to reduce waste, conserve resources and operate in a socially responsible manner. Fry will share the details of this book.

Mirror Talkers: Eco tips on Mirrors

Hear how Professor Denise Baden has been working closely with industry leaders and the Green Salon Collective. They have developed free Mirror Talkers. A year-long study in 2022 showed that clients love them. They result in more sustainable haircare, and give stylists confidence in talking about such topics. She will share how you can get involved in the Mirror Talkers initiative.

This Education Forum will take place for Habia Members over Zoom at 6pm on 14th June. Please email for the link.

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