Sustainability: Using The Green Bible and Mirror Talkers in the Workplace

We held a hugely informative Education Forum about sustainability yesterday. Many of our Members joined us to hear from our guest speakers Fry Taylor and Professor Denise Baden.

As the co-founder of The Green Salon Collective (GSC), Fry Taylor has a wealth of knowledge on sustainability and how we can improve our workplaces using simple strategies.

Fry shared details of the GSC guide The Green Bible, which is a must-have for any salon or college setting looking to become more sustainable.

The Green Bible is a comprehensive guide to running a sustainable and ethical salon. It provides practical advice on how to reduce waste, conserve resources, and operate in a socially responsible manner. This book covers all aspects of running an environmentally friendly and socially conscious business. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp your existing salon, The Green Bible is a must-read for anyone looking to operate in a more responsible, sustainable way…Going “Green” is a win – win – win, for people, planet and profit.” – Fry Taylor, The Green Bible

If you are a Habia Member, please email for your free copy of The Green Bible.

Fry also talked us through GSC’s amazing work and how they can help workplaces with their recycling. They have a great Starter Kit, which you can order and begin making a difference today. If you are a Habia Member, please email for more information. We also have a discount code for 15% off.)

Professor Denise Baden, Professor of Sustainable Business, University of Southampton, then introduced us to the concept of Mirror Talkers to share sustainability issues with clients. Denise helped to develop Mirror Talkers after working closely with GSC and other industry leaders. The Mirror Talkers invite people to discuss topics such as climate change, global warming, and carbon footprint. They can also result in more sustainable haircare and the promotion of eco products.

Denise also talked us through The Virtual Salon: A 30 to 45 minute session that “exposes trainees and hairdressers to key aspects of sustainable hair care, showing how these can benefit hair condition, save money, save water, save energy and reduce waste. Once you have worked through (it), you are eligible for a Sustainable Stylist Certificate. The Virtual Salon and Sustainable Stylist Certificate are FREE.” – Professor Denise Baden

Once salon staff have completed their Virtual Salon session and received their certificate, salon owners will then be eligible for a Sustainable Salon Certificate. This is not only a great way to show that you are knowledgeable about sustainability; it helps you save the planet and money too…

A typical salon that adopted our suggestions would save over £5300 year, save 24150 kWh energy and 286 thousand litres of water!” – Professor Denise Baden

Click here to find out more about Mirror Talkers and Sustainable Stylist / Salon certificates.

A big thank you to Fry, Denise, and our Members for a brilliant Education Forum. For information on how to attend our next session, please email

(Image credits from top to bottom: 1 and 2 – Green Salon Collective. Image 3 – @ecohairbeautyuk

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