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As a Habia Education Member you are part of a specialist network of individuals involved in the hair and beauty sector with an interest in education and training. By focusing on key topics and sharing information and best practice, this group is an invaluable resource for those looking to provide high standards and excellence.  

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  1. WELOVE  is created by UK Hair Pros, for hair pros, around the world. Rae Palmer, founder of WELOVE will share her advanced level of Professional Hair Master Education, that is brand neutral. She believes in leading our industry with professional, sustainable, holistic, and designer hair. They have an education-first philosophy and their Purple Hearts Club members receive advanced training performed by world class Educators and undergo extensive background checks to ensure they are qualified, experienced, and exceptional.  
  2. IngrownOut Tweezer  – this new innovative tweezer is the perfect addition to your curriculum – provide an educational advantage by empowering your students with specialized knowledge in diagnosing, treating, and providing hygienic care for ingrown hairs. Empower your students: Prepare them to excel in the world of wax therapy by offering a unique skill set. Ready to transform your curriculum? Hear from founder Sarah Louisa about how her programme can enhance your educational offerings and your students’ success.  
  3. MASCED: Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection – Hair, health and beauty professionals who see their clients on a regular basis have the opportunity to observe changes that may occur on their client’s skin, particularly in areas that clients may not be able to see themselves and this puts you in an invaluable position. By taking the time to swot up on skin surveillance and learn how to identify suspicious lesions, you could detect the early signs of skin cancer and advise your client to take actionHear from Marie Tudor how this short course could prevent your clients from disfigurement through surgery and in the case of spotting melanoma early, you could even prevent their death.

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