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A Beginners Guide

This brilliant mindset training workshop will teach learners in the hair and beauty industry to challenge themselves, growing in self-awareness and confidence.

The goal of this workshop is to open the minds of the learners to limitless possibilities, and build confidence and self-empowerment. The learner will gain the skills to get them through their training and crush self-doubt. The mindset habits I will teach can be used in their everyday life. I will help the learners look closer at themselves at what they want to achieve so that they have clearer personal goals.

We live comfortable lives and don’t push our minds or bodies enough. I always think the further out of your comfort zone you go the more exciting life is! That’s enough to push me forward every time. Getting out of your comfort zone from time to time creates just enough good stress to ramp up your focus, creativity, pace, and drive, and it helps you respond to life stress when unexpected things happen. Try it, do something scary every day, and when an opportunity comes along that scares you go for the experience and excitement! Feel the fear and do it anyway!