Andrew Barton, Celebrity Hairdresser Habia provide an essential role in maintaining & improving professionalism within the industry, through its drive to raise standards that are held in high regard and respected worldwide. Habia provide a solid benchmark for the industry, I look forward to continuing to work with them


Sam Marshall, The Beauty Guru

I've worked with Habia for many years as an expert helping to develop waxing standards. Its important to work with Habia as the Standard Setting Body (SSB) to ensure high quality, professional standards,  development of codes of practice and for delivering CPD opportunities.


Trevor Sorbie, Celebrity Hairdresser

Habia represent the industry for quality-producing high calibre standards through hard work & determination. Habia take a proactive approach, disseminating information that supports training & education. As a not for profit organisation, for delivering the standards and work that it does, it should be highly praised


Susan Routledge, Beauty Directors Club

I recommend to salons that they use Habia products and services  to help their business, such as the health/safety pack. I have worked with Habia for many years as a beauty expert, helping to develop national occupational standards.  


Sara Shoemark, Owner GLOW Beauty

Habia's 'Education Forum'  is a fantastic opportunity  for employers and tutors to come together to hear about new developments in our sector, to discuss how we can work together to deliver high standards so  clients are always delighted with our service and the services we offer.  Thank you for including me !


Lorraine Nordmann, Author

The Education Forum is a must for all Tutors who want to stay professionally ahead of the game. Employers, Industry educators and awarding organisations share their vision,  so there are no surprises, we're well informed and we can all plan for the challenges ahead . 


Stefani Rossi, Owner Utopia Beauty & Advanced Skincare

For many years we have included and followed the Habia Health/Safety Manual in our protocols and systems. I believe it is essential to work with Habia, helping to shape standards to meet the requirements of the industry. I'm also keen to develop a pipeline of talent, supporting students with their employability skills.


Rebecca West, Gold Medal winner, Worldskills 2019

''Thank you Habia for providing equipment for the Worldskills competition in Russia -it definitely helped me perform really well under intense pressure. Winning the gold medal was a dream come true.''  CONGRATULATIONS Rebecca from everyone at Habia, we're so proud that you're the best  Beauty Therapist in the world

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