“I’m Jiak, a nail artist based in Bolton, United Kingdom. I’m honoured to have won the Gel Polish Stylist of the Year at the Scratch Stars Award in both 2022 and 2023. My career began in a local pharmacy, starting as a Counter Assistant and later becoming a Pharmacy Dispenser. This role provided me with valuable customer service experience.

My interest in nails started when I was impressed by the work of some talented nail artists. I decided to pursue courses while maintaining a full-time job. Once my skills improved, I began searching for a salon to work as a full-time nail technician. Eventually, I established my own nail studio within a business suite alongside other businesses.

My aspiration led me to compete in the Scratch Stars Awards after being inspired by fellow finalists. I entered in 2022 and was elated to reach the finals, ultimately winning in both 2022 and 2023. It’s been a journey of hard work and dedication that transformed my dreams into reality.

Participating in nail art competitions challenged me to enhance my skills and attention to detail. It has also been inspiring to witness fellow competitors elevating industry standards.

Habia sets industry standards, emphasizing quality training and professionalism. I connected with Joan Scott through Habia’s social media channels and became part of the Habia Ambassador program. My goal is to uphold high standards and expertise in the nail industry, aligning with the commitment to professional growth where education plays a vital role.” – Jiak Hing of Jark Nails

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